Learning How to Make a Telephone Conference Call

Making a telephone conference call can be easy enough, as long as you are a bit knowledgeable and understand how to go about it. If you are interested in learning how to make a conference call phone, you will find the following information very helpful.

Find a Provider

If you want to make a telephone conference call the first thing you are going to need to do is search for a conference call provider. There are quite a few of these available, so take a bit of time to learn about each and then decide on the one that is going to be most suitable for you.

Just make sure that the telephone conference call provider you choose offers the features and reliability that you are looking for, and you will also have to decide if you want to use a toll free number or if you are going to want the involved participants to pay for long distance charges. This is up to you, but these are all things that you are going to have to figure out before you can make any telephone conference call.

Once you have a service provider, you can invite the necessary participants, and let them know when the conference call is scheduled for. The best idea is to send invitations early in advance, so that everyone invited can make sure to fit the time in for the conference call. The last thing you want is to give everyone too short of notice and not have anyone make the conference call.

Make sure that you provide all the invited participants with the date and time of the meeting, and instruct them all to dial the specific telephone number that you have chosen. Enter the conference code information, and then at the time that you have specified on the invitation, everyone should dial and access the telephone number.

Sounds easy enough? It really is, as long as you follow these few simple steps. When prompted the participants will need to enter their given conference call number, and then once everyone has joined you can all begin talking.

A telephone conference call can be used for many different purposes, but most commonly it is used in business settings where employees from all over the world are required to get together for a meeting, but cannot make it. This allows everyone to get their piece of mind in and have a sort of telecommute meeting.


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