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One of the most productive ways of cutting back on staff time away from the office and providing better communication in the workplace is through conference calls. A conference call is that technology that utilizes the phone service and invitees to the conference call simply call a toll free number and are ushered into the conference with other callers

In addition, another strong benefit that is realized through a conference call is a cost savings. This is because there is often travel time associated with attending conferences. This savings on airfare, gasoline, etc. can drastically affect the bottom line of the travel expense line item.

Also, conference calls were generally facilitated through a third party. This provider would charge a set rate each month depending upon the number of potential or actual users that would call the conference.

However, there is now available conference call software. If interested in this technology, it is important to know how it works and what the benefits are.

How Conference Call Software Works

Conference call software is an application that can be easily downloaded onto any laptop or desktop computer. Once this conference call software has been installed each of the units that contain this software application can then be joined together whenever they need to conference.

Additionally, it is important to note that the service that makes this conference calling happen is not a traditional phone service. This communication through the internet is called Voice Over Internet Protocol. This VOIP is one of the latest technological advances that allow the computer user, through Internet access, to use a special phone in making calls as well as conferencing with others.

In addition, it is important to note that there are many conference call software packages that are available. Some of these software applications can be utilized by an individual or can be utilized to link a number of individuals together to perform the conferencing.

Also, there are more sophisticated conference call software packages that have added features and are intended to be used by small or large businesses. In utilizing these packages there is still software that needs to be installed. In addition there is a set up fee and there are costs associated with using the virtual conference room.

Finally, one other feature is required in order to fully utilize this conference call software. That other piece of equipment is a VOIP phone.

The Benefits Of Conference Call Software

There are many benefits associated with using conference call software. One of the major benefits is that it is less expensive than the standard type of conference call. In addition, because the users are at their computer stations, any documents that need to be referred to are easily accessible. Some of those documents could be spreadsheets, graphs, correspondence, e-mail, etc.




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