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One of the most productive methods to save time and money is for a company to utilize conference calls. A conference call is that process in which individuals within the company call a set number at a set time utilizing various pass codes. Once the connection has been established it equals the productivity of a staff meeting without being in each other's presence.

If considering the use of conference call meetings it is important to keep in mind protocol. Also, to make the argument about utilizing conference call meetings it may be helpful to consider the advantages.

Conference Call Meeting Protocol

When involved in a conference call meeting, like anything else, there are certain rules that should be followed. Often, this protocol for involvement in a conference call meeting is just a matter of common sense. However there are some other items that should be followed so that the conference call meeting can be productive.

One of the key rules that should be followed when involved in a conference call meeting is to make sure that you call in at the appointed time. There’s probably nothing more frustrating than for an individual to arrive late at a physical meeting or conference and disrupt the meeting as well as to be brought up to speed on all that has been discussed up to that point.

In addition, another protocol item to follow is that when accessing the conference call meeting it is important to introduce yourself. This lets everybody on the conference call know who is in attendance. In addition, when wishing to make a comment or present an idea, it is also important to reintroduce your self and then share your thought.

Another major item of protocol when involved in a conference call is to make sure that you know where the mute button is on your phone and that you use it. Specifically, there is nothing more annoying than to be involved in a conference call meeting and hear all sorts of background noises or conversations from other people. Generally, this background noise or conversation is not pertinent to what is going on in the conference call meeting.

Advantages Of Conference Call Meetings

There are many advantages associated with the utilization of conference calls. Specifically, through conference calls, the travel budget line item can be reduced financially. In addition precious time is conserved when staff no longer needs to travel from meeting to meeting. All of this interaction can be accomplished at a substantially lowered cost.

In addition, not only can conference calls be performed by using a traditional phone, but can be accomplished through the use of conference call software. The advantage of conference call software is that it is a downloadable software application and can accommodate a certain number of individuals. This system uses Voice Over Internet Protocol to talk to one another. The only need is that each user needs to download the software in order to conference with each other. This type of program not only incorporates the advantages of an audio conference call, but may prove to be less expensive as well.



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