How To Set Up A Conference Call In Three Easy Steps

Utilizing conference call technology can be a tremendous savings for companies and individuals. This savings can not only be demonstrated in cost savings, but the savings of time.

Additionally, there are many ways to conduct a conference call. Those ways include conferencing through a computer and internet service and video conferencing. But, probably the conferencing method that comes to mind the most would be audio conference calls.

If wishing to set up a conference call there is a number of steps that need to be taken. Those steps include the use of a conference call provider, inviting those individuals to join the call and utilizing codes to access the conference.

Conference Call Provider

The question of how to set up a conference call begins with conducting some research and homework on conference call providers. Specifically, the questions to the provider should include the process of conducting a conference call, how many individuals can conference in on any one call, how the charges for the call are assessed, is operator assistance available and is there any reduction in charge for monthly or yearly fees?

In addition, how to set up a conference call should include conducting some research on the company itself. This can be accomplished by obtaining a list of their customers and possible endorsements by those customers, searching on the Internet to find out if there are any complaints regarding the service provided, checking with the Better Business Bureau, etc.

Once the potential customer is satisfied and engages the conference call provider they are then ready to begin using the conference call service. Generally, the conference call company provides simple instructions that teach their customers on how to set up a conference call. Generally, a toll-free number is provided and a pass code is assigned to the company for dissemination.

Invitations To The Conference

The second step on how to set up a conference call involves sending out conference call meeting invitations to invitees. For the most part, this is accomplished by sending out an e-mail to the invitees. Contained in this e-mail is the phone number and pass code along with instructions on how to access the conference call.

In addition, included along with this information to access the conference call is an agenda. The agenda is important for it lets everyone know the direction the conference call will be taking as well as keeping everyone on task.

Accessing The Conference

The final step on how to set up a conference call actually involves the physical action needed to conference in on the call. Specifically, this is done by dialing a toll-free number and then waiting for instructions from an operator or through a recording. Generally, the operator will instruct the caller to enter the access number and follow the entering of the pass code by hitting the # sign.

Once this has been accomplished, the individual is then provided access to the conference call. Generally, the announcement of a new caller to the group is signaled through a beeping sound. This then gives the group the opportunity to ask who has just joined the call and for them than to introduce themselves.




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